Bengals: 3 Positives and 3 Negatives after Week 10

Bengals get run out of town.

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Deep breath in….. deep breath out……..

As I try not to murder anyone, I’m just wondering to myself: “do the Bengals just suck against rookies making their debut?” Because if you remember last year – Watson torched us, and now Lamar did.

So much wrong with this game. This game was a verified CincyProblems game.

Let’s dive into this.



Anybody else miss NCAA? Man, that game was fun. You know that read option play, where if the defensive end stays put, the QB gives it to the RB up the middle, but if he bites, the QB runs it outside?

Well, that’s exactly what the fuck the Ravens were doing. And just about every time, our defensive end bit, and that allowed Lamar Jackson to get massive chunks of yards. You know how we can stop that? Fucking containing the outside.

I mean, it’s goddamn common sense. If you play peewee football, one of the 1st things you are taught as a defensive end is outside containment. Nothing outside of you. Clearly the Bengals need to relearn that concept.

Believe it or not, Marvin Lewis was calling really good plays. He schemed perfectly for that read option. He kept loading the middle. There would have been no chance for the running back to do anything. All we had to do to ensure the running back got the ball and got jammed, was contain the outside. But nope. Every time, the defensive end bit. Literally the scheme was there, but our defensive ends were screwing us. That was the majority of our struggles. I get once or twice they’ll get caught, but happening every play is pathetic. Lack of discipline really.

Defensive line in run situations

In straight running situations, there were so many times where their running back ran through a ginormous hole.

The defensive line in the run game was awful. They couldn’t create any disruption or penetration. They straight up got outplayed. Really as simple as that.


This might be one of the most undisciplined teams I have ever witnessed. It’s a lot of things.

Seems like every other play, there’s a holding call on Bobby Hart or Alex Redmond. Defense – we can’t contain, fill the proper gaps, or tackle. Special teams – it seems like there’s a penalty anytime we do something right.

The discipline is just awful. What else is there to say? The discipline is really why we lost. So many holding calls that ruined drives. If the defense just contains, we hold their offense to less yardage and points. We could have had better field position if it weren’t for special teams mistakes. I’m just saying, these discipline issues start with the head coach.


General improvement on defense

I know I have been shitting on the defense a lot, but there was a general improvement. Tackling (in the 1st half, not the 2nd) was improved. The secondary also played really well.

In the past 3 games prior, we had given up 34 points or more. We gave up 24 on Sunday. Defense still struggled a lot, but there was a general improvement to it.

John “Randy Moss” Ross

Holy smokes, Ross got hands.

We’ve actually seen a great improvement in Ross hands. He’s done a great job of catching it in coverage while the defender is right on him. Him catching a jump ball just shows that he is still improving.

People need to be patient with Ross. Anytime he makes a mistake, people jump on his case. He’s still improving. He’s starting to break out.

Sam the Man

For as bad as our decisive line played yesterday, Hubbard played great. He was one basically the only one who could contain the edge, or just sack Lamar.

A big part of this performance was how often he saw it in college. I mean, he was pretty dominant stopping the option in college:

Basically, we were playing a college style offense. Hubbard obviously has a lot of experience playing those type offenses.

Hubbard was another great pick for us.


What is the Bengals Playoff outlook at this point in the season?

Bengals are sitting at 5-5, but thanks to a shitty AFC division, we’re still in the run.

Right now, we are in a 5-way tie for the 5th seed. We are in a competition with the Colts, Dolphins (we have tie-breaker over those 2 teams), Titans, and Ravens (who has the tie-breaker over us). So the playoffs are still in reach, but we have to get out of this funk.

In our last 5 games, we are 1-4. We HAVE to beat the Browns next week.

Written by Braeden Guthrie

The Bengals are my life.

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