Bengals: 3 Positives and 3 Negatives after Week 12


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We just lost to the fucking Browns.


Coming in unprepared, again.

Under Marvin Lewis, the Bengals have constantly come in unprepared. This is really just sad, because with this game potentially being (and probably is) the determining game for of the Bengals to make the playoffs, you’d think we’d come in at least prepared.

Nope, Marvin must have been too busy eating turkey all week, because there was no indication that the Bengals were prepared at all. We’re a team who’s constantly had the Browns number, brought in Hue Jackson – who was the head coach of the Browns EARLIER this year, knew about our injuries, and we still come out looking lost. I mean SERIOUSLY, we all knew Hue Jackson was a god awful head coach for the Browns, but could he seriously not tell us one thing the Browns could possibly do?

Bengals coaching staff is awful.


Did we even want to win? Because it sure as hell didn’t look like we wanted to. With the exception of Mixon, Boyd, Dunlap, and Bates, I saw no passion in this team. I saw no will to win.

Look at this David Njoku touchdown. Watch it closely.

While most saw a crazy touchdown, I saw something else. I saw Jessie Bates wrap Njoku up, and then I saw the Browns offensive line help push him in.

You know what else I saw? Bengals players just standing there, while Bates is fighting for his life. Look how Jordan Evans and Shawn Williams are just staring at it. No fucking effort. They’ve got to help Bates there. Inexcusable.

That’s just one example. I could show you a great number of plays of us just being lazy, but we don’t want to re-watch that shit. I know Marvin can’t be out there making those plays, but the team having no effort or passion falls on Marvin. Yes Marvin, you need to motivate these players when they need it. You have failed. Marvin shows no emotions, and it shows on the field. We need a coach that gives us a spark. #firemarvin


Oh fun, more injuries! Is it even worth putting injuries for the negatives, it happens every week. But this week was a massive L. Remember 2015 how Andy injured his thumb? Well…..

CMON. Our offense has gone to shit lately, so our QB getting hurt doesn’t help and stop with Driskel, he’s not better than Andy. Maybe he played better overall Sunday, but you also have to look at the situation. You’re crazy if you truly believe he’s better the Andy.

Update: I’m already depressed and then I get this news…

Jesus, we have officially hit rock bottom.

We can kiss any chance of the playoffs goodbye. I’m not overreacting when I say that, we were already facing an uphill battle with being 5-6, and being in competition with 4 other teams. First a rock was rolling downhill at us at full speed, and now it just hit us head on.

For Driskel, he had his moments against the Browns. However, he struggled with throwing the ball beyond 15 yards – people who hate Andy, here’s your chance. In no way do I believe Driskel can lead us to the playoffs, but I’m intrigued to see what he can do.

Never know, maybe he’ll play well, and we can use him as trade-bait next year! Wait…

You know damn well Mike Brown is going to use that as an excuse to bring back Marvin….

What’s scary about this, is, it’s the same thumb as 2015. He re-aggravated the injury, and that’s usually a sign of weakness. That’s something to keep an eye out.

Also, Tony McRae got hit in the head, and wasn’t moving.

Luckily, according to McRae himself, he is fine.

Scary stuff. Hopefully it’s nothing more than a concussion.

Positives…….kind of

Not giving up

The Bengals didn’t give up. They were at least attempting to score some points, and the defense started making some stops. It’s very possible this is because the Browns went ultra-Marvin and went super conservative, but I guess I’ll take it. If we truly gave up, it could have been worse (even with them going conservative).

It’s not enough to excuse our poor effort, but at least we tried (wow okay, that sounded more negative than it was suppose to be).

Joe Mixon and Tyler Boyd:

We really don’t deserve these great young guys. Watch some of these plays as they try and win:

(I know this didn’t count, but holy shit! #DriskelMagic)

We don’t deserve these young great players. Even Mixon is getting tired of this shit.

Sorry guys, I’m out of positive ideas….


Are we out of the playoff race?

Technically, no. We are mathematically still in the playoff race but can you tell me with a straight face that this is a playoff team? No. This is not a playoff team, and that’s the reality of it.

Even if Driskel finds a way to play great, it’s going to take a miracle to get to 9 wins. Is it possible? Yes. But don’t count on it.

Written by Braeden Guthrie

The Bengals are my life.

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