Bengals: 3 Positives and 3 Negatives after Week 16

Officially eliminated from the Playoffs

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If you told me earlier this year that we would have been swept by the Browns, I would have laughed in your face. Well, here we are. Bengals lose 26-18 in a game that they were never really in. This team sucks.


Putting the best players on the field

We are already very thin on talent, so it’s important that we have the best talent on the field. For Marvin Lewis, that is seemingly a very difficult task. He once again failed to put the best players in. Alex Redmond was getting obliterated the whole game, but Christian Westerman never had a chance to play. The wide receivers were struggling, but Auden Tate and Josh Malone were riding the bench. Marvin failing to put in the best players is just another reason in the long list of reason of why he shouldn’t be our coach next year.

Young Wide Receivers

No one was expecting any of our young wide receivers to go out and act like AJ Green and Tyler Boyd. That’s just unrealistic. However, they all basically did nothing. To be fair- it’s not completely their fault. They have a clueless coach and a quarterback who can barely throw the ball to them. But still, you’d like to see them do something.

Okay, they did something, kind of. Core also got the 2 point conversion after it (That’s right. We got a 2 point conversion. And Cody Core caught a football.) That still doesn’t qualify as a good performance. This was a huge opportunity for Ross to shine, but he did nothing outside of his short touchdown. Again, not all his fault. He does have a head coach who seems to hate his guts. But it’d be really nice if Ross can step up next week.

The Future of Cincinnati

We got just wonderful news on Sunday:

With the Joseph news, he’s a head coach candidate if Marvin Lewis does indeed step down. So basically, our possible head coach choices for next year are:

Marvin Lewis

Hue Jackson

Vance Joseph

Yikes. I hate Mike Brown….


CJ Uzomah

With all the injuries, we needed someone to step up. The man who did was CJ Uzomah.

As the game progressed and the offense was struggling, Uzomah started becoming the go-to guy. He really stepped up. He had a couple really good plays, including a pretty sweet touchdown catch.

Uzomah isn’t a future stud or anything like that. He did make a name for himself. Uzomah is a very solid player.

Special Teams

At the beginning of the year, the special teams looked awful and it kept killing us. These past few games, they have actually looked a lot better. Just recently, Bengals have made special team plays that have nearly changed the game.

Clayton Fejedelem had a blocked punt and called a fake punt in which he picked up the 1st down. Special Teams has recently been a bright spot for the Bengals.

Pissburgh lost

Not a lot of brightness this season, so whenever Shitsburgh loses, it’s a great thing. How they lost is even better- JuJu Smith Schuster fumbling the game away. Watching the guy who put one of our players on a stretcher (and then tried to make money on it) lose the game in this fashion, that was awesome.

Hahahahaha, suck it JuJu.


Between Vance Joseph, Marvin Lewis, and Hue Jackson, who is the best coach candidate?

Oh lord, these are actually the only 3 coaching candidates. If you put a gun to my head and made me choose, I’d probably choose death. Since that’s not an option, the best option would be Vance Joseph.

Marvin just can’t be our coach next year. He’s lost the team. Nobody can do another year of it.

Hue Jackson is a joke. If he becomes the next head coach, we’re screwed. You saw what he did in Cleveland.

That leaves it to Vance Joseph. He’s basically another Marvin, and another bad option. But he’s better than Hue, and I rather have him than Marvin because he’s at least somewhat of a culture change.

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