Bengals part ways with Marvin Lewis after 16 seasons

You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain.

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I woke up around 9:50 AM, and the coaching purge had already begun.

Curious, I scroll through my feed to see who had already gotten the boot.

Todd Bowles… yep.

Vance Joseph… saw that one coming.

Steve Wilks… okay, makes sense.

Gregg Williams won’t be head coach for the Browns… obviously.

Marvin Lewis got fired… sure.

Adam Gase… gone….wait, hang on a second go back…

Did I just read that Marvin got fired?

I must be dreaming….

Holy shit……. it happened!

And did it need to happen. Years ago.

16 years with these results just isn’t good enough.

He couldn’t make adjustments when games got out-of-hand, he couldn’t be trusted to put in the best players, he couldn’t respond to adversity, couldn’t bounce past weak schemes, and just flat out couldn’t win big games.

We needed a cultural change, and with Marvin gone, we’ll get that. 

Hopefully. With Mike Brown it’s never going to be Super Bowl caliber… but maybe we’ll win a playoff game?

I absolutely respect the hell out of Marvin Lewis and will continue to thank him for his service here.

He dug us out of a dark place.  A really dark place.

He saved us. He took us to the playoffs 5 years in a row.

But that was years ago. It’s past time to move on.

Getting rid of Marvin is only half of the problem. If we can’t find a suitable replacement, then Marvin leaving won’t mean much. Guys like Eric Bieniemy (Chiefs OC) and Adam Gase (Previous Dolphins Head Coach) would be perfect to interview.

Hopefully we will interview some great candidates and change the culture fo-

Oh God, please no.

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