Homer Bailey forgets the ball in his glove in the worst balk of all time

WTF was that, Homer?

AP Photo

Reds vs Indians.

4th inning.

Homer Bailey starts his delivery…

…and forgets to grab the fucking baseball.

Look at the arm flailing aimlessly. Look at that 100 Million Dollar Man dripping with confidence. What a guy.

Feel free to correct my math, but I believe that was around a $7,000 balk. It even moved the two base runners to second and third. Doh!

If you saw this and WTFed, you weren’t the only one:

But it’s not like Bailey has been stellar on the year anyways..

“He had those 2 no-hitters though.”

Stop. Just stop.

If the Reds had those 16 games back they would be in the Wild Card race.

Homer Bailey = Certified CincyProblem

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