Bengals to play NFC Champ Rams in London next season

WhoDey in the UK

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Oh. Snap.

Bengals vs the 2018 NFC Champs.

This one is going to be… Fun?

Bengals vs Whitworth.

New Bengals HC Zach Taylor vs his old team (that he just took to the Super Bowl).

Okay, I’m officially excited.

It’s going to take a while to remove the image of Marvin Lewis manning the sinking ship. So for now, I’m nothing but optimistic. With Mike Brown as the owner, all optimism is tempered. But screw that old bag of dusty marbles – I’m excited. Go choke on a crumpet, Mikey.

Cincinnati is no stranger to London. This will be the Bengals second game played across the pond (two in the last four seasons). Their last trip to the UK ended with frustration and a “leave the bottle” kind of night. Despite ending in a 27-27 tie which put the Bengals at 3-4-1 Bengals fans knew they were robbed of a win.

So. Many. Missed. Opportunities.

After that game, the Bengals went into a 3 game losing skid. Let’s hope this London trip is different.

The Bengals will likely play the Rams in London anywhere between weeks 4-9. The Bengals in all likelihood will have the Rams former QB Coach, Zac Taylor at the helm. Who knows what each team will look like by the time they play.

I won’t get into much prediction-wise at this point. But taking one of the Rams home games and making them travel from Cali to London to play what is considered an away game for us, has to be a plus already. Point Bengals!

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