Reds Produce, But Still Can’t Defend

This season is getting harder and harder to stomach.

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Where do I start?…

I knew this season wouldn’t be pretty for the Reds, but I didn’t expect this. I can barely watch our bullpen give up another run in crucial points in the game, and I don’t see any end to the madness.

To some, this is an utter failure, but maybe it is just part of their rebuilding phase.

Heating up

With our new manager, the Reds are 4-8. No, it’s not World Series material, but it’s not Bryan Price bad (3-15). Although the Reds have one of the worst records in the majors this season, let’s take a look at how the Reds are performing with Riggleman…

At the moment the Reds offense over the past 7 games are leading the league in Runs, total bases, and on base percentage. The Reds placed second in the majors in at-bats, RBI, and total bases. We place top 10 in numerous other categorizes.

This is great news, since the Reds had one of the worst offensive performances in the majors, starting the season.

Suarez, Winker, and Schebler all have batting averages of over .300, while Gennett and Peraza are close behind. The Reds also have nine players that have over a .300 OBP. This is what you want to see. This is the Reds team that we’ve all been waiting for.

Cooling Down

The Reds pitching is the only thing holding us back from the lead in our division. We have lost too many games losing by one or two runs that could be preventable with a solid pitching staff. This season we’ve lost 8 games by a single run. We have lost 6 games by only two runs. This adds up to 14 games we could’ve won if the Reds had a good pitching staff. If we had won those games, we would currently host a 21-9, easily placing us as one of the best teams in the MLB.

The Reds offense has been great over the past 7 days, but the Pitching has been horrendous. We are currently bottom 10 in the majors in every pitching category. This is when I ask myself, ” what the hell

Pitching is the most important factor in the game and we neglect it. We focused on our offense so much that we don’t have any pitchers. The only pitcher I can really trust is our closer. If we don’t make any changes with our rotation in the near future, we won’t be winning our division anytime soon.

Prospect Watch

Nick Senzel and Hunter Greene, both grade A prospects with great futures ahead of them. Senzel shows some power, but a great eye for the plate. Greene is a hard-throwing Righty that still needs seasoning with his command. The Reds are B grade prospects, some being pitchers. I  am hopeful that the reds will develop an efficient pitching staff.

Taylor Trammell has a great future. He shows great hitting ability and he’s definitely improving each season. Hopefully we won’t trade him, and Trammell proves himself in the big leagues.

Players To Watch this Season

Jesse Winker is a prime example of a great player coming out of the Reds farm system. Winker has put up great number this season. He currently has a batting average of .313, an on-base percentage of .420, he’s walked 15 times and has 9 RBI’s on the season. If Winker can develop more raw power, he can be a big threat.

Eugenio Suarez is completely tearing the cover off the ball. due to an injury early this season, he’s only played 14 games, but his numbers are far from disappointing. Over 14 games Suarez has 17 RBI, 3 home runs, 17 hits, 7 walks, and a batting average of .327.

Joey Votto is one of the best first baseman in the league. Votto had a sluggish start but is now hitting .270, with 15 RBI, 22 walks, 28 hits in 29 games played. He now has an OBP of .408. This is massive improvement for Votto and I can only hope he stays hot.

This is looking to be a rough season for the Reds, but I can only hope for a big turnaround so this season isn’t all about eating Skyline Chili

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