Who is Hunter Greene?

You’ve heard his name. Let’s learn about the man.

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We all know Hunter Greene can throw an 102 MPH fastball, but who really is this Cincinnati Reds first round pick?

The Beginning

Hunter Greene was born August 6, 1999 in Los Angeles, California. He spent his childhood, living with both parents and his two other siblings in California, and eventually attended Notre Dame High School in Sherman Oaks, California.

Greene played baseball all four years at his high school playing pitcher and shortstop, and showed great hitting and pitching ability. Over his high school career, he had a 12-5 record, he threw 121 innings and hosted a 1.62 ERA while striking out 145 batters. His opposing batting average was a minuscule .183 with a .262 opposing on base percentage.

On the hitting end of Greene’s high school career, he had a cumulative batting average of .337, with a .414 on base percentage. He also smacked 13 home runs against his opponents.

The Draft

Greene was drafted by the Reds in the first round (second overall) of the 2017 draft; signed July 7, 2017. This was the Reds big bet. This was a chance for the Reds to add a key player to the Reds, lacking pitching staff.August 8, 2017 was when the Reds Organization assigned Greene to the Billings Mustangs.

With the Mustangs, Greene threw 4.1 innings and gave up 7 runs. Not so great. This wasn’t alarming to the Reds, as they sent him to the Daytona Dragons. In April 4, 2018, the Reds assign Hunter Greene to the Dayton Dragons and here, he showed massive improvement.

So far, Green has only started three games but he’s gotten of to a sluggish start. Greene has put 6 innings of work in this year, but hosts an alarming 13.50 ERA. In the 6 innings pitched, Greene has a 18 strikeout per nine rate. He’s hit triple-digits with ease. After the game Greene said,

“I’ve got a lot to work on, continue to pound the zone. Focusing on lefties. I’m a lot more comfortable with the righties. Understanding how to get a lefty out. Continue to stay healthy and compete.”


Throughout his short career, Hunter Greene has totaled a number of accomplishments. In 2015, Greene played on the United States national baseball team in 18-and-under Baseball World Cup. Team USA, managed by Glenn Cecchini, went 8-1 and eventually went on to win the Cup, placing gold.

Greene hit well enough in 2016 to play in the Junior Home Run Derby and won. Here Greene showcased his power. You don’t usually hear about a guy win a home run derby, then drafted as a pitcher. This is what excites me about the 18 year old. A pitcher that can hit. Not very often do you see a multi tool pitcher.

Hunter Greene became only the 13th high school athlete to appear on the cover of Sports Illustrated in April, 2017.

According to the MLB, a third AL scouting official said…

“Greene is certainly in the top 10 and probably near the top, but Beckett with his stuff and delivery and size at that age probably was the best one. Greene is just pure athleticism and throws 100, and he’s probably got a little more upside to this deal because he hasn’t committed full-time to pitching yet.”


Noting that at age 17, he hit 102 mph on multiple occasions, I expect great thing from this young man.

I honestly believe Greene will have as much dominance as a prime Aroldis Chapman. If he hit 102 a year ago, how hard will he throw in 4 years?

The real goal should be to keep Hunter Greene from injury. There have been numerous cases of hard throwing, young pitchers getting injured. Sometimes Career ending.

I’m as excited as every other Reds fan, and I hope to see him playing for the Cincinnati Reds soon. Hopefully a Reds team in the future that has a much better start to the season…

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