Will the Reds trade Scooter Gennett?

Gennett reportedly wants to stay in Cincinnati.

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For a second time this month, Scooter Gennett was awarded NL Player of the Week!


Over the past week and a half, Scooter Gennett has been red hot.

He led the Major Leagues in hits, slugging percentage (.958) total bases (23); was tied for first in home runs,  RBI, and extra-base hits (5) while finishing second in batting average(.500).

Even better, this month Gennett is top 10 or better in Hits, HR, RBI, AVG, OBP, SLG, and OPS.

This is why Gennett has 2/4 NL POW awards in the month of May. He can make solid contact on the ball on a consistent basis. He has the ability to drive the ball to each part the field. Not to mention he’s a grown ass man what goes by the name “Scooter”.

What this means for our Redlegs

Gennett isn’t the only Reds player that’s been hitting well. Tucker Barnhart, Eugenio Suàrez, and Joey Votto is performing well. The only problem with this team is the Pitching. We are close to worst in the league when it comes to pitching, and something needs to change.

Currently the Cincinnati Reds have a record of 20-37. This isn’t as bad as we all thought it would be at this point, especially after starting 3-18.

After that, we are 17-19 (.470).  In the 7 games last week, we’ve gave up 41 runs. That’s almost 6 runs given up per game.

Our Bullpen and offense has been solid. It’s our starting pitching that’s been struggling. But you know that already, if you’ve watched any inning of any Reds game this season.

Trade or Keep Gennett?

Should Scooter Gennett be traded?…

He doesn’t want to be, and we know we all love the kid.

But.. this might be the best we’ll get out of Gennett. He’s been a big asset in out lineup, but we won’t get anywhere without a solid pitching rotation. The only pitcher I really trust is Luis Castillo, who’s currently 4-4 with a 5.34 ERA. Horrid.

Nick Senzel is the Reds #1 prospect who’s reported to play all over the diamond with great amounts of skill. Senzel has played a total of 22 games this year. He’s hit three home runs, has a batting average of .271, is slugging .459, and has an OPS .809. Senzel would probably take Gennett’s place at second base, if Scooty was indeed traded.

I think the Reds might extend Gennett’s contract one more year, then trade him in, placing Senzel in his place. We can probably get another amazing year out of him, before trading for someone else. If, and when we trade Gennett we need to sign a veteran pitcher. Someone who can lead this rotation, and has extended MLB experience.

Will Gennett be traded? Its uncertain, but knowing he has one year left on his contract, you never know what surprises are ahead.

He’s got a lot of heart and I love being able to use the SCOOTER emoji, so maybe he’ll be in it for the long haul.

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