Reds Get Hot on the West Coast

Swept the Dodgers in LA for the first time since the 70’s.

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There’s been a lot of talk about the Reds winning their sixth straight game. Some call it luck, and others just call it a complete choke by the opposing teams. Call it what you want, but the Reds hit a six game winning streak.

What Does This Mean?

During this streak, which was the longest in the MLB, the Reds did something they hadn’t done in 42 years: They swept the Dodgers in a four game series in LA. This was a great series full of a big offensive showcase but an even better pitching performance.

Lets not forget why the Reds have really won six in a row: Matt Harvey.

Yes, Harvey is the only reason why we’ve won. Okay fine, jokes aside – the offense has been a big part of our success as well.

Over that six game winning streak, the Reds offense averaged over five runs a game while only allowing an average of two runs against. This is how teams win games. You score runs and keep the opposing teams to minimal contact.

 “It feels real good. We’re playing good.”

-Jim Riggleman

Can We Keep It Up?

This is a question many Reds fans are wondering.

Since coming back form injury,  Eugenio Suàrez has been hitting the cover off the ball, hitting 6 HR while bating above the .300 mark. Joey Votto is finding his swing, making more contact and driving more runners in. Scooter Gennett has been hitting home runs like crazy while Billy Hamilton has been making more contact.

 “If feels really good, win this series, four on the road, you can see it in the clubhouse.”

-Eugenio Suàrez

A real surprise to me has been José Peraza. In the beginning of the season, I was disappointed every time I witnessed him strikeout or pop-up in the shallow outfield. Now, I’m looking forward to Peraza’s at-bats because hes been hitting the ball well while showing he has a little pop in his bat.

The pitching has been phenomenal. Our starters are only going five or six innings at the most but our bullpen has really improved. I can honestly say i’m happy with how our bullpen’s been performing and I hope they can even improve a little!

I think we can keep winning and improving. I’m excited to see how we perform before the all-star break. Hopefully we’ll have a winning percentage of over 40%.

Here Come The Giants

Monday night the Reds lost 10-7 to the Giants. We saw a poor pitching performance by Sal Romano, giving up 6 earned runs on 8 hits. Offense put on a show smacking 13 hits and seven runs, but it wasn’t enough. Another worry about the 10-7 loss was when Joey Votto exited the game after experiencing lower back tightness. His return is questionable, but he was joking about it after the game saying:

“I was feeling pretty good and then that earthquake hit and all of a sudden everything got thrown off right around 7:18 p.m. in the middle of my first at-bat”

-Joey Votto

The Reds eventually won the final game of the series to avoid the sweep – and that was only because of Matt Harvey and Joey Votto.

Up next will be a tough home stretch against the Cubbies and Pirates. These 7 division games could make or break the tone for the season.


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