Bengals cut linebacker Vontaze Burfict after seven seasons

Happy? Sad? Emotions are mixed in Cincinnati.

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Well, I’ll be damned…

Maybe it really is a “New Dey”.

Burfict is gone and Cincinnati is all over the place. Reactions range from crying to angry to happy to “not surprised”. Check the replies:

Good move for the Bengals?

Honestly? Yes, it was time.

Burfict is one of my all time favorite Bengals players. I love him, the intensity, the leadership, the toughness. Hell, the first article I ever wrote on this glorious website was about how the NFL media needed to chill on Burfict. My love for Burfict will never change. However, it was time to move on.

For starters, Burfict’s play was declining – even though he cleaned up his play substantially, he still had his ol’ “dirty moments” – which brought a bad reputation to the entire team. Since the Antonio Brown incident, Burfict just hasn’t been the same player. His overall play took a drop off in 2016, then dropped off even more in 2017, and he was sadly pretty damn awful last year. The Bengals had to release him; he just isn’t worth it at this point. Even though I don’t agree with ALL of his fines/suspensions.

Now what?

The Bengals will save $5.8 million in cap space from releasing Burfict, and that leaves $1.8 in dead money. What the Bengals SHOULD do with that money, is sign a linebacker like Zach Brown… but I wouldn’t hold my breath. The Bengals will likely roll the money into next year.

It’s crazy how quickly you can be a hero, and then suddenly be a villain. Burfict was a hero when he snagged what should have been the game winning interception on January 9th, 2016.

He quickly became the villain when he made the vicious hit on Antonio Brown’s head. Who knows what would have happened if Hill never fumbled. Burfict nearly single-handedly won us that game (if you mention Jeremy Hill i’m going to punch you). Would have Burfict taken the next step in his career after being labeled a hero? Would have he still declined? Who knows.

All I can say at this point, is thank you Burfict. You did wonderful things for the city, but that’ll always be overshadowed by your bad reputation. Burfict was a great linebacker for us for the majority of his career, with a little more self-control he could have been one of the All Time Bengals’ Greats.

Burfict – Wherever you end up next, Cincinnati wishes you the best of luck.

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