Bengals reportedly interested in trading wide receiver John Ross

That was fast.

AP Photo

NFL Rumors starting surrounding the Combine.

*spits out drink*

Wait, what!?  Oh god, this is what I get for starting my ‘Happy Hour’ at 11am.

Damn you Tequila Tuesdaaaaaaaaaay!

What the fuck is going on here!?  Are you telling me that the high powered, offensive mind of Zac Taylor couldn’t look at John Ross and think ‘Yeah, I can work with that.’? This guy knows Sean McVay right?!

I mean, I know the guy hasn’t had the most productive NFL career, but I thought that was due to nagging injuries and being, not in, but buried under Marvin Lewis’ doghouse.


What a disaster of a track record for recent Bengals first round draft picks.  I can count on one finger the number of Pro Bowls the last 8 Bengals first rounders have been voted to and that guy hurt his damn ankle in that Pro Bowl game.

But hey, at least he was able to make *another* recovery video.

Well, shit.  Add ‘Wide Receiver’ to the already long list of Bengals off-season needs.  What are they even expecting to get for this guy? Do they really think that a mid-to-late round pick is worth giving up on the potential of Ross, alone?  What SHOULD we even take?

I have no clue what to expect from this team. Things were sure looking bright when Zac Taylor first came in, then it’s been one coaching-hire-debacle after another – followed by this. I want to be optimistic, and maybe getting rid of Ross is the answer. Maybe not.

Just bring me Yasiel Puig and Opening Day…and another drink.


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Written by Andrew Allen

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