Bengals to hire Zac Taylor as head coach after Rams’ season ends

Zac Taylor is currently operating as the Rams QB Coach.


Since December 31st, Bengal fans have been anxiously waiting to hear who the next head coach is.

But the Bengals haven’t given any information to the media…. until now.

Rams’ Quarterback Coach Zac Taylor is likely going to be our next head coach!

I say likely because nothing is officially official.


Though it isn’t official, I would say it’s 99% likely he signs and agrees to be our next head coach. The Bengals, being who they are, wouldn’t leak this out if he wasn’t interested. He can’t accept the job until after the Rams are eliminated from the playoffs (or win the Super Bowl).

Let’s get into Zac Taylor, the man:

Taylor was the intern offensive coordinator for the Miami Dolphins in 2015, after they fired (funny enough) Bill Lazor.

The Dolphins went 2-3 during his 5 games, and averaged 17 points per game during his time. Hard to speculate how good he truly was there. He was stuck with Lazor’s playbook (which we all know sucks) as well as a shitty roster at the end of a shitty year.

Zac Taylor had a short stint as the University of Cincinnati’s offensive coordinator. He was fired after one year, but it really wasn’t his fault. UC was a bad team that year, and I’m putting all of this on Tommy Tuberville. If anything, the offense over excelled. He and his wife loved it in Cincinnati – so he will be happy to come back!

He has since spent his time with the Rams under Sean McVay. And that’s another aspect of this potential hire that makes this even more intriguing. There is no doubt that McVay has set a standard for the league, and many teams are trying to copy that. Bengals have officially joined that bandwagon.

Is this a good hire?

Honestly, we cannot answer that yet. We can answer this question definitively in about 3-4 years. This is a really risky signing – Taylor could turn out great, or turn out horrible. He is boom or bust. Bengals are looking at Taylor like this:

He might have struggled a tad in the past, but he has been under McVay for the past 2 years. He has learned a lot during that time. Being under McVay has allowed him to grow, and during the interview he showed off his intelligence. “We believe he’s the next big thing.”

Bengals like that he is young and offensive-minded. We have not seen the best of Taylor yet. Hopefully he can bring something similar to what McVay brings in Los Angeles.

I like this signing, and you should too.

During the the search process, Bengals’ fans all wanted the same thing in a Head Coach:

  • Marvin to be gone
  • Not Hue or Vance
  • Young, offensive-minded
  • Take a risk

Taylor checks out on all of those. Will he succeed here? Only time will tell. He is, at the very least, the change we were looking for.

Welcome back to Cincinnati, Zac Taylor!


Written by Bengals_NFL

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