The Last Time The Bengals Scored A Touchdown…

The world was a very different place.

January 1st.


3:45 pm.

265 days ago.

That was the last time the Cincinnati Bengals scored a touchdown.

(If you even think about mentioning preseason to me, I will gouge your eyes out with a Fun Dip ‘Lik-A-Stik’)

That touchdown was scored by Rex Burkhead (now with the Patriots) running into the end-zone from 5 yards out. He finished with 119 yards on the ground and 2 scores.

The Bengals beat the Ravens on that fateful day, 27-10. Finishing their season at an impressively abysmal 6-9-1, securely in third place in the AFC North above the 1-15 Browns. (Source)


The Top Trends On That Day

Starboy by The Weeknd was the #1 Song in America (Source)

Hidden Figures and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story were the #1 films at the Box Office (Source)

The Whistler by John Grisham sat atop the New York Times Best Sellers list (Source)

Saltbae became a Meme


The Top News Stories On That Day

The Hollywood sign was changed to ‘HOLLYWEED’ (Source)

39 Dead in Istanbul Nightclub Attack (Source)

North Korea was only TESTING their long-range missiles, not firing them (Source)

Obama expels 35 Russian Diplomats in retaliation for US election hacking (Source)

Mariah Carey Lip Sync Fail and Walks Off-Stage (Source)

Lauren Conrad announced her pregnancy (Source)

A Drunk Pilot was arrested in the cockpit shortly before take-off in Canada (Source)

“Bengals don’t intend to fire Marvin Lewis, but no extension past 2017 expected” (Source)

Clemson had just massacred Ohio State 31-0 in the Fiesta Bowl


We know.

Feels like decades ago, doesn’t it?

Yes, technically that was still this year – but let it end on Sunday.

Data compiled by Nick M

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