Postgame Recap: Navy Runs Through UC

Bearcat Defense performs historically bad in 10 point loss.

Kareem Elgazzar/Cincinnati Enquirer

The Run Around

A rough battle has commenced, and the Bearcats have fallen.

With a score of 32-42 favoring Navy, it was a high scoring affair.  The Cincinnati offense, despite a relatively strong performance, was outscored in a game that we saw a virtually non-existent defense on both sides.  The Bearcat defense, unable to adapt to the Navy offense, gave up 629 yards.  The Midshipmen offense, which almost only runs the ball from the same formation, picked up 569 yards on the ground.

Those stats are insane.

70+ running attempts, while Navy only threw the ball 3 times.

3. F*cking. Times.

And yet – despite only the few passing attempts, they were efficient at it.  Completing 2 of their 3 pass attempts, they had 53 yards through the air.  This impressive offensive performance from Navy was made even better by the poor defensive performance from the Bearcats.  Despite the usual strong performance from the Cincinnati defense, we were unable to come up with stops when we needed them, allowing Navy to convert 6 of their 8 3rd down attempts.


Historically Bad

That’s correct.

The most rushing yards ever given up by a Bearcats defense.


Now – the Navy offense was extremely predictable, but for some reason we were unable to make the necessary defensive changes to stop them.  The UC Offense on the other hand had a relatively impressive performance with quarterback Hayden Moore throwing for 381 yards.  With those 381 yards come 3 touchdowns and no interceptions.  Moore had a standout game, especially compared to his previous outings.  He lit up the Navy secondary completing 28 out of 46 attempts.

The UC running game on the other hand was the complete opposite.  As Navy was running all over us, our team could not get the run game established at all.  In 22 run attempts, we had only 59 yards on the ground.  With a game of poor offense all over, the Bearcats were just unable to keep up with Navy’s pace.

But hey… at least we had a squirrel touchdown to help distract us.

Charles’ Prediction: Bearcats 21 – Midshipmen 20
Final Score: Bearcats 32 – Midshipmen 42

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