Bengals: 3 Positives and 3 Negatives after Week 5

What a comeback!

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You know, Columbus is a nice city and all, but they decided to show the Browns over the Bengals. So whoever decided that, fuck you.

Anyways, I had to settle to watch the game on a live stream that was 10 minutes behind. Better than nothing I guess – the game once again took us through a roller coaster of emotions. Bengals cannot keep scaring me like this.


Falling Behind

For the 2nd time this season, the Bengals fell behind by over 10 points and found a way to win. Don’t get me wrong – I love comebacks. But falling behind is a habit the Bengals must break out of. Look who we’ve come back against when we were down by 10: the Colts, and now the Dolphins. With all due respect to them, neither team is very good. We can’t afford to go down to a good team. If we’re down by 17 against the Steelers, we won’t come back to win.


Okay, this is beginning to be a massive issue for us. We’re 5 weeks into the season, and our defense still can’t make a damn tackle to save their lives. At some point, it’s going to catch up – how do we let the Dolphins get a 1st down on a 3 yard check-down on 3rd and 16??

We missed 3 tackles on that play. That can’t happen. We were pretty solid on 3rd downs yesterday, but the incapability to tackle is a big part of why we can’t get off the field. Tackling needs to improve.

Special Teams

Special teams in the past year has not been very good. It has never been bad enough to where it really needs to be pointed out, but it’s been really bad for the past 2 weeks. The kickoff team let the Falcons run all over them, and while the Dolphins didn’t necessarily kill us on kickoff returns, they were getting 5-10 extra yards on kickoffs.

Then there was the Randy Bullock blocked field goal. You may remember in the 2nd quarter, Bullock kicked, what should have been a pretty easy field goal, but it was blocked. The play was so bad that 4 different Dolphins could have blocked it.

Also there was the illegal formation on the same damn field goal. Real solid job there guys. Anyways, that wasn’t the only thing our special teams screwed up that quarter. Watch this shit:

I mean, come on. That’s just sad.

Something on special teams needs to change. I understand that bad plays will happen, but it’s happening to the Bengals far too often. This problem was overshadowed last year, and is biting the Bengals in the ass this year. We must fix this.

How about Fat Randy though, nailing a 51 yarder like it was nothing?


The Defensive Line

Holy shit, what a performance from the defensive line. They caused 3 sacks, a interception, a fumble, and 2 touchdowns.

The defensive line straight up dominated the game. They won it for us. They stepped up when we need it the most. Our defensive line scored more (14) then the Dolphins offense (10).

Geno Atkins sparked the defense early in the game with a sack, and also had one later in the game. Michael Johnson had the amazing pick 6, and Dunlap forced the fumble that fell into Hubbard’s arms, that was returned for a touchdown.

Joe Mixon

Joe, you sure you just had knee surgery?! Your cutbacks looked GREAT.

I love Andy, but he didn’t carry this team – Joe Mixon carried the team. The run game struggled in the 1st half, but that was more due to poor line play. When the run game got going, our whole offense got going. Despite the lack-lusting 26 rushing yard 1st half,  Mixon finished with 93 rushing yards, 23 receiving yards, and a receiving touchdown. Our offense is just so different with Mixon in there. He’s going to keep this offense rolling.


The Team’s “Fight”

Damn man, I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t exactly jolly happy when we were down by 17. It was a frustrating 1st half, and the 3rd quarter wasn’t going well. But something about this team is different.

They never gave up.

They found something inside of them and fought back when adversity smacked them in them in the face. They found a way to come back from 17 behind. Not many teams can do that – this team has a unique bond, and that will lead to more success.

I hate it… but I have to give Marvin Lewis credit. When we rehired his stupid ass, he promised change. Say what you want about him, but last years team would have given up. Marvin has clearly changed the mentality of this team.


Can we beat the Steelers?

This question is straight up. We all know we struggle against the Steelers.

We are more talented than them this year. There has been many occasions where we SHOULD HAVE beat them, but choked in one way or the other. Can we pull off this win? I’m nervous, but I think we can. If Marvin has truly changed, he will find a way to win this game.


Written by Braeden Guthrie

The Bengals are my life.

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