The Cincinnati Bengals Coaching Carousel

Here we go again.

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Suddenly the Bengals find themselves with the off-season task of figuring out their coaching staff. It may seem as though every major Coaching position is up for grabs: HC, OC, DC. And even some of the other coordinator jobs such as ST, LB, and perhaps WR.

Or the Bengals could just stay put, just like every freaking year. But if they do, Who is best fit for these roles? Who are surprise candidates?


Marvin Lewis 

Like it or not, Marvin Lewis is our best and most likely coach to head the team and retain his current job. Despite his questionable coaching, he is the best option by default. The reason Hue failed as a HC is that he just isn’t organized enough.

He is like Rex Ryan. They are amazing coordinators and they are fantastic at their job if they are able to focus on it. They make it their own and make their scheme one of the best in the NFL. As a HC there is just too many aspects for them to worry about.

Bill Lazor could potentially fill that role but he would be better off at OC, he may be to unorganized as well for the Head coaching position. Lazor Just needs to worry about his play calling and his schemes and game plans could elevate to the next level.


Hue Jackson

Personally, I don’t want Hue as the Head coach for the reasons stated above. The man just seems to lose common sense as a HC. Trying to trade away valuable picks for A.J. McCarron? Come On.

However, as unwanted as it may be, it doesn’t mean that its not likely. When Hue was with the Bengals the first time, he and Marvin talked about Lewis retiring if or when they had won a Super Bowl or when Lewis felt fulfilled and handing the team over to Hue Jackson. Jackson is loved by the Bengals and Mike Brown is likely to make the next HC from someone already in the organization. It’s just his style.


Bill Lazor

Honestly this is a toss up between Lazor and Bill. I gave the best fit to Bill just because they may not want to keep switching schemes on Andy and the offense. Though it may not be that much of a different language to the team, it’s still an adjustment.

The thing about Lazor is that his play calling and management are lacking. Other than that his schemes and game plans are pretty good. Hue can help Lazor out tremendously, he is a good play caller and can manage the offense personal during the game. He can also make adjustments when needed. I just think that its easier to keep Lazor and pair him with Hue and let them two work together, Hue can also make Lazor’s schemes more creative.


Hue Jackson

He isn’t so much of a dark-horse rather a runner up. Although this could very well happen. I don’t think Hue will want to settle for just an assistant job but if he isn’t getting much interest from anywhere else I’m sure that he will be happy to stay and knowing he is making an impact.

As of right now, Hue is an assistant to the head coach. He is actually working with the defense and analyzing opponents offenses to help out the coaches and players. If Hue can be seen as a do-it-all type of man, there’s no doubt that Mike Brown and Marvin Lewis would hand the keys to the offense over to Hue Jackson.



It is unclear if Teryl Austin will drive home Mike Brown’s already enclosed way of thinking (impossible yes but hey it’s Mike Brown, just when you think he cant possibly do anything stupider- uh, well there you go.)

Mike Brown likes to hire from the inside of the Bengals organization a lot or if you have a connection with the Bengals you’re the likely man for the job, the painful, frustrating, cry yourself to sleep job. Will Mike Brown continue to go conservative to avoid another Terrible-Austin decision or will he make a move again?


Paul Guenther

Paul Guenther was practically ran out of town by the end of his Cincy stint, but with reasonable cause. However, like I just mentioned above, Paul has a connection with the Bengals organization and if they feel that they were good enough with Guenther’s system they may just go back to it. Hey, at this point We will take any improvement We can get.

2017 vs 2018 Defensive Stats through the first 8 games of each season:

Yards per game: 339.1/447.8
Yards per play: 4.97/6.8
Points: 21.8/29.6
3rd down: 40.66/ 55.9

One of the flaws for Guenther is his play calling but his schemes and game plans are ahead of Austin’s. Guenther knows the defensive personnel better as well. But he may be too conservative at times. If things don’t work out in Oakland for Guenther, a reunion isn’t totally out of the question. I’m not saying I would be for this, but it’s what Mike Brown may want to do.

If the Bengals do make a handful of coaching changes again in the off-season, who would you want leading the Bengals in 2019?

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