Week 2: Bengals Fantasy Football Aftermath

Another bad week. No touchdowns and only Randy met his projected.


Introducing the Weekly Bengals Fantasy Football Aftermath Report!  Whether the good guys in the Jungle pulled out the W or not – we take a closer look and who performed and who flopped in your fantasy lineups.

QB Andy Dalton

ESPN Pregame Fantasy Outlook: According to Elias, Dalton was the first Bengals quarterback with four interceptions in a season opener (and the first with five turnovers in any game) since Jeff Blake in 1995. ESPN Stats & Info adds that Dalton posted a Total QBR of 0.6 — the lowest of any QB who had at least 30 action plays in any game since 2006, when the stat was created. We can go on, but any way you look at it, he had a terrible opener. Another tough defensive front is up next, and on a short week, no less. Houston struggled to stop the run in Week 1, but their tandem of elite pass rushers could replicate the havoc the Ravens’ lesser line fostered. Given the unfavorable matchup metrics, Dalton should remain on the bench in standard leagues for this Thursday.
Projected: 15.6 Points
Actual: 9.4 ?
Our Grade: D
Notes: Compared to week 1, Dalton almost looked like the Red Rocket Messiah. Throwing 0 INTs compared to the 4 (and lost fumble) the week before. That said, he still didn’t look great. Dalton was off the mark on some of his throws – missing wide open targets and getting more BOOS from the WhoDey faithful in PBS. Spoiler Alert: It does not look to be getting any better this week: while the Bengals are facing an angry Green Bay Packers on their own turf, coming off a rough loss to the Falcons on Sunday Night.


RB Joe Mixon

ESPN Pregame Fantasy Outlook: Mixon rushed eight times for nine yards in his debut, with eight of his yards coming after contact. This suggests he was facing Baltimore defenders in the backfield nearly the instant he had the ball. We can’t expect big numbers if Mixon isn’t on the field, as he played on just 36 percent of the Bengals’ snaps on Sunday. Mixon remains a tantalizing fantasy prospect if and when he can assume a bigger role, but he’s a risky flex option against a solid Houston front this Thursday.
Projected: 7.8 Points
 4.6 Points 
Our Grade: C
Notes: Joe Mixon had 9 carries for 36 yards, just hitting the mark for 4.0 yards per carry. So far this three headed running attack has been ineffective. It’s hard to get into the flow of a game when your carries are so sparse. Joe Mixon should be Kareem Hunting it up out there, but the Bengals have been criminally under-utilizing him thus far. Perhaps that might change this week with a new OC, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.


RB Giovani Bernard

ESPN Pregame Fantasy Outlook: Trailing for much of the game, the Bengals’ offensive script favored Bernard’s versatile skill set. “Gio” led the three-headed backfield with 29 snaps and a team-high 74 scrimmage yards. The matchup isn’t ideal this Thursday, however, as the Texans have allowed the sixth-fewest receptions to backs since the start of last season. Given the unfavorable matchup and his need to maximize 8-to-10 touches, Bernard is nothing more than a low-ceiling flex in PPR leagues.
Projected: 8 Points
 3.6 Points ?
Our Grade: C
Notes: Bernard had a sub-par game for a well below average offense the first 2 weeks. Hopefully the new O.C. can get creative with our backs, especially one with the play-making abilities that Bernard has. While Gio was the ONLY Bengals last week to meet his projected fantasy points, he joins the long list of Bengals Fantasy Duds this week in the “Why The F*ck Did I Start You?” angry wasteland.


WR AJ Green

ESPN Pregame Fantasy Outlook: Dalton was 5-of-10 with two interceptions targeting Green this past Sunday. Last season, Dalton completed a career-best 70 percent of his passes to Green with no interceptions and four scores. The Texans have been a brutal matchup for opposing wideouts in yielding the sixth-fewest catches and yards to the position since the start of last season. Even in this less than optimal setup, Green’s distinctively big share of the Cincinnati’s passing opportunities drives WR1 expectations.
Projected: 14.6 Points
 9.2 Points 
Our Grade: C
Notes: The offense looked completely lifeless until AJ Green hauled in a 50 yard bomb from Dalton between 3 defenders. “HELL YES!” screamed Bengals fans and AJ Green Fantasy Managers everywhere. AJ Green was pumped, we were pumped, the Bengals had momentum anddddd then nothing. AJ didn’t do much more after that, and ended up finishing the game with only 67 yards.


WR John Ross

ESPN Pregame Fantasy Outlook: Outlook not available.
Projected: 6.2 Points
 -.8 Points ?
Our Grade: C
Notes: Wow. That’s all I can say. That was almost as bad as any first game could go for a rookie. Fumbling the ball on your very first NFL carry and halting a drive that was starting to show a tiny bit of promise. Ross was not relevant to the passing game whatsoever. Fellow rookie Kareem Hunt also fumbled his first carry but was able to shake it off and explode for 40+ fantasy points; the Bengals OC decided to put Ross in timeout instead. Stupid. Idiots.


TE Tyler Eifert

ESPN Pregame Fantasy Outlook: Dalton’s struggles over the middle were due, in part, to his lack of usage to his tight ends. Per ESPN Stats & Info, Dalton targeted his tight ends just twice Sunday, with only one sent Eifert’s way. Dalton had only one game with as few as two passes to tight ends last season. The Texans have allowed just 592 yards to tight ends over the past 17 games dating back to 2016, third-worst in the league. If appears Eifert is again a touchdown-or-bust candidate. The good news is that Eifert was on the field for 88 percent of the team’s offensive snaps and remains among the most capable red zone weapons in the league, given his atypical success rate on such targets.
Projected: 8.4 Points
 5.7 Points
Our Grade: C
Notes: Not too much to say. Touchdown called back because he was out of bounds, or he would have had a solid Fantasy game. On the bright side he actually caught a couple passes this week and managed to make it through another week of the season without getting injured! Participation points!
Edit: Nope, just kidding. I f*cking jinxed it. He’s made of paper and apparently dealing with back and knee problems.


DST Bengals Defense

ESPN Pregame Fantasy Outlook: As ugly as Andy Dalton’s play was in Week 1, the Houston quarterback situation appears even more unstable. The Bengals have allowed the fourth-lowest passer rating since the start of last season, while a start against either of Houston’s signal-callers looks to be quite promising for fantasy upside.
Projected: 13.1 Points
 10.5 Points
Our Grade: B
Notes: Once again they held the opposing offense to 13 points, more than enough of an effort to win the game but the offense decided to not show up. If we accidentally score that touchdown (Eifert’s that was called ineligible) the Bengals probably win the game and the story of this week is completely different. Bengals win. Maybe Zampese isn’t fired. Maybe people aren’t calling from Dalton’s head on a spike. Who knows, but the Defense has been the only “Startable” Bengals Fantasy asset from the first 2 weeks.


Randy Bullock

ESPN Pregame Fantasy Outlook: Outlook not available.
Projected: 7 Points
 9 Points
Our Grade: A
Notes: Bullock was a perfect 3 for 3 against Houston. Special teams and defense have been doing their jobs the first 2 games. One of the very few positives from the first 2 weeks. If I had a PUNTER slot in my league I would choose Kevin Huber at #1 overall. He’s had the best offensive plays for the Bengals so far this year. Dude is an animal.


Bengals’ Week 2 Fantasy “Startability”: 25%

All fantasy point scoring is based on Half Point PPR and 4 point passing touchdowns.



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