Bengals: 3 Positives and 3 Negatives after Week 9

Another smackdown. At least this one wasn’t in Primetime.

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Did I watch an NFL game, or one of those college football game where it’s one of the nation’s top schools versus a small college no one has ever heard of? Because that was fucking brutal.

Were we even trying, or did we just forget there was a game? Maybe we thought we were still on our bye week…. that was bad.

Let’s get into this.


Yeah….. I’m not going to split what happened into 3 negatives. I’m not that nice. Let’s just go over all the negatives at once, and then we all will pray to god this never happens again.

Where to start… oh man. Where not to start?

How about the fact that our defense is fucking awful. For the 3rd straight week, we’ve given up over 500 yards. Why are we not improving? We’re getting worse and worse by the week. I can live with Saints just beating our offense at times; they have insane talent. You know what I can’t live with? Teryl Austin schemes and play-calls.

Why did we have Clayton Fejedelem one-on-one with Michael Thomas on the very 1st play? Why did we have Brandon Wilson in constant man coverage against Alvin Kamara? Why didn’t we allow William Jackson III to shadow Michael Thomas? Why were there so few blitz packages? Why do we have an insanely talented defensive line, but still can’t get any pressure? Why do we not play Prevent right before the Saints score the touchdown before the half?

Just horrible. Fire Austin.

Update: Holy shit! We fired Teryl Austin!

Offense, just because our defense sucked doesn’t mean you get a break. The offense was miserable. I think everybody took the game off after the first Drive. Way to go guys.

Mixon had a great first drive. So why does Lazor stop using him all the sudden. We stopped using Mixon, and our offense goes to shit. Coincidence? Lazor gets a lot credit for the good stuff, but nobody gives him crap when the offense goes to shit. Lazor can be a great offensive coordinator, or an awful one – his inconsistency should be a red flag. Don’t make the excuse of AJ Green being out, Lazor just had no creativity to his game and we weren’t going to win with AJ Green playing anyways.

You know what’s really sad? This game was coming off the bye week. We had TWO WEEKS to prepare for this game, and we shit our pants. We were not prepared. At all.

We gave up over 500 yards, 51 points, scored just 14, and we did all that on our home field. Pathetic.

Positives…….(were there any?):

This game made the Bengals fire Teryl Austin.

As I type this, Teryl Austin just got fired. Took the Bengals long enough. We were never going to win this game, so maybe getting blown out is actually a win for us.

Think about it: Bengals hate making in-season changes, we all can agree there. We needed our defense to get destroyed in order for the Bengals to get Austin fired, and that’s exactly what happened. This may sound like a reach, but us getting blown out by the Saints was better than us losing close; getting killed this game helps us so much long term and for the rest of the season.

Bengals sign Hue Jackson:

Annnnnddddd it happened! Hue Jackson is brought back to the Queen City. His role is special assistant to the head coach, and he’ll help with the defense as he will analyze opposing teams offense . Not going to lie, I’m a little worried we’ll try and make Hue head coach (no, don’t even try and argue he’s a good head coach, he’s not) in a couple of years, but now isn’t the time to worry. Bringing in Hue Jackson helps us win now.

3rd positive:


Well, there was the one time…..

OOOOHHHHH, how about when we……

Or when –

Sorry guys, I got nothing. Sunday was bad.


Is this the same Bengals team that started the year?

Based off the past few weeks, this seems like the same old Bengals. Win the games we should, don’t step up in big games. Seems like the same old story.

However, the firing of Austin and bringing in Hue shines a little light. We will have to wait and see with this one. Bengals started 4-1 and are now 5-4, 2nd in the North.

Written by Braeden Guthrie

The Bengals are my life.

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