Last-place Reds Fire Bryan Price; Now What?

Next Stop: World Series

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The Price Is Wrong

We all knew this was going to happen…

You can’t survive a record-breakingly bad 3-15 to start the season. Bryan Price has been officially fired from his managerial position and replaced with the Reds bench coach, Jim Riggleman.

Every Reds fan at one point was wondering when the Reds were going to fire Bryan Price. Well, here you go. Replaced with a bench coach. Jim Riggleman will only be manager temporarily, but he’s had some coaching experience throughout his career.

Riggleman coached four MLB teams before accepting a job as bench coach with the Cincinnati organization. First, with the San Diego Padres from 1992-1994. Over the span of the three years coaching the Padres, the team went 112-179 – which he won 38% of his games.

During the rest of his managing career, he coached the Chicago Cubs, Seattle Mariners, and the Washington Nationals. His career managerial win percentage is 45% – not exactly managing material. The Reds say his takeover is only temporary and that they are currently on the search for a new manager.

Manager Rumors

It is rumored that New York Yankees ex-coach will be the Next Reds manager but the Reds haven’t confirmed or combated this rumor.  Bob Nightengale, a USA TODAY Sports Major League Baseball columnist and MLB Network Insider tweeted:

Barry Larkin has previously stated that he would love to manage the Cincinnati Reds and ONLY the Reds. Now he’s battling with Girardi and John Farrell.

Barry Larkin has never managed a baseball team before, but he’s had a playing career full of success that has brought him into he baseball Hall Of Fame. Over Larkin’s career, he played with Cincinnati Reds his whole Career (1986-2004) and has totaled over 2300 career hits, was a 12 time all-star and owns an MVP award.

Another contender for managing position is John Farrell. Farrell was a manager from 2011-2017 and even won a World Series. He coached the Boston Red Sox from 2013-2017, and had three years with 90+ wins. Farrell is currently a scout for the Cincinnati Reds and an ESPN baseball analyst.

What This Means For Our Redlegs

It’s good.

But Price wasn’t the problem.

He was ONE of the problems. And believe me, I can honestly say that I am relieved to hear the news about Price. As much as I was on board with him at the beginning.

But over the years, there wasn’t much I agreed with when it came to Bryan Price’s decision-making. Hopefully the Reds pitchers and hitters can have a new outlook on the season and strive for a winning season.

A change in atmosphere will be good for the many young players on the roster. We need a real manager to take control of this team before its too late.

…or before Votto gets fed up and jumps ship.

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Bryan Price is out; Riggleman takes over