Bryan Price is out; Riggleman takes over

Is this season salvageable?

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Show Me Where Bryan Price Hurt You

The pain and suffering over the past five seasons is over!

Kind of.

With the firing of Bryan Price and Mack Jenkins brings a sense of closure that from here on out we can no longer blame the coaches, but the players. For Bryan Price his time was simply up. I think we gave him a fair chance to turn things around for the club and couldn’t get that done.

The 3-15 historically bad start to the season was simply the nail in the coffin for our dear Bryan Price.

What Happens Now

The Reds will still play the way they have playing.

Shocker, I know.

The Reds probably won’t get better. This firing could jolt them into action and play could improve drastically, but can it even save the season at this point?

Baseball is truly game to game – and Everything must change for this team to succeed.

Can Riggleman Handle It

Jim Riggleman will bring a new feeling to the Reds Clubhouse. That feeling will be that we are tired of losing and want to start winning. Hopefully he stops the carousel that is the Red’s line up. We are only 18 games into the season and Bryan Price literally had many different lineup combinations. The hitting will come. The lineups need to get set in stone.


As a Reds’ fan I am excited for this new experience that we are going to undertake.

Stay strong Reds Country.

Stay strong.

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