Mike Brown is the definition of “Bungles”

Eric Reid would be a great add. Mikey doesn’t think so.

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Mike Brown bungled one again.

He is the main reason we were “The Bungles” in the 90’s.

Mike Brown is what holds this team back. And he does it again. “Bungling” the Eric Reid situation.

Eric Reid, as we all know, was one of the first to kneel with Colin Kaepernick in protest. Reid, the former 49ers 1st round pick, has been a great player with the 49ers – but he hasn’t had the best free agency experience. Teams just haven’t been as interested because of the protesting. Bengals were the first team to call him, and still, the only. So this is a gimme situation, right?

That’s where you’re wrong.

Mike Brown came in full speed ahead and fucked everything up. Mike Brown bungled this situation so badly by asking him about the national anthem protest. You know what? That’s fair. From a PR Standpoint, it’s probably something that should be addressed.

But Reid wasn’t even fully committed, and Mike Brown then made the situation extremely uncomfortable for Reid.

Wow, good job Mike.

Way to bungle everything up, again. Really, the protest is that much of an issue? He has already said he’d stop kneeling and will find a new way to show it. I thought the Bengals were the team to support players off the field? To give them a second chance?

Mike Brown, get your arrogant ass out of the Bengals organization.

It’s no coincidence that the playoff drought started when your ass took over as owner. You don’t have to like what Reid believed in, but you know what I want to do?

Win. Did you forget that we’re a football team? And that we’ve never won a goddamn Superbowl?

Reid is a great talent. The defensive could definitely use him. Last year? We weren’t a very good team. Even with the moves we’ve made, we’re still not a Superbowl caliber team.

Reid is a great boost and you need to sign players like that it improve your record. We had a GIVEN OPPORTUNITY to do that. Nope.

“Mike Brown isn’t the only problem.”

True. I still think Marvin is a horrible coach, but you know what? At least he’s trying to get players to win. He’s trying.  Both Marvin and new defensive coordinator Teryl Austin liked Reid. But because of your personal feelings, you don’t sign him? Because of your personal feelings, you lose a chance at a great player.

Screw you Mikey, your job is to give us players to win games, Mike. Once again, you failed.

Written by Braeden Guthrie

The Bengals are my life.

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