Completely Unbiased NFL Power Rankings: Week 3


It’s officially been two weeks which means we’ve seen all that we need to see from these teams. These rankings are assuming that nothing will really change over the next 15 weeks – and we can guess who will make the playoffs up to a 99.9% accuracy rating. These are obviously not biased because I’m a Bengals fan, and the alcohol I have consumed didn’t play a factor in these rankings at all.

Now that the sarcasm is out of the way…

Let’s get to it.

Completely Unbiased NFL Power Rankings

Tier I – Super Bowl Contenders

No surprises here. The Heavy Hitters keep hitting heavily.

Tier II – Playoff Bound

Cowboys move up, Saints take a QB hit, and the Ravens are rolling into Contender mode.

Tier III – In The Hunt

These teams could make the playoffs or finish last in their respective divisions. At 2 weeks in, it’s anyone’s guess.

Tier IV – Better Luck Next Year

Thanks for coming out, at least try to make it entertaining for the 20 fans in your stadiums.

Tier V – Trying For A 0-16 Parade

Winning isn’t everything. I mean, it’s a lot of it, but you do you.

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