Jeremy Hill takes shots at Bengals fans after watching his team win a Super Bowl

Jeremy Hill is like that kid in the group project that does nothing then brags about getting an A.


As Bengals fans, we have to deal with a lot of shit. We dealt with 16 years of Marvin, we have to deal with losing to the Steelers twice a year (every year), and we always have to deal with Mike Brown mediocrity.

However, something I will absolutely not deal with — is Jeremy Hill.

Jeremy Hill Is Going Through Something

I’m not one to attack players personally. I might crack a joke about certain things or call out bad play, but I will not attack players personally. Never. Won’t tag them. Won’t try to start shit. Ever.

But Jeremy Hill pushed my limits.

So after the Patriots victory parade, Hill got drunk and decided to take some shots at the Bengals fanbase…

No Jeremy. Just stop. You have no room to talk.

Being a Bengals fan is tough……. Part of that reason might be BECAUSE SOME GARBAGE RUNNING BACK FUMBLED AWAY OUR 1ST PLAYOFF WIN IN THE LAST 25 YEARS.

Hill should barely even be celebrating. He literally did nothing this year. His ass sat on IR while the actual active players on the Patriots team won games. Hill was 99.9% irrelevant to this years’ Patriots team. On the depth chart, he was the 4th string running back before he got hurt. So congrats? Hill got himself a ring for doing nothing.

Hill is honestly now one of my least favorite people. He is calling out the team that he literally screwed over. Hill is the last person on earth who could even think about doing that.

“I was minding my own business”

Were you though?

He Wants You To Feel Sorry For Him

What’s funny about all of this, is Hill brought it on himself. The idea that Hill was “tormented” and “trolled” for years is just false. Sure, some fans continued to troll Hill after he fumbled, and they never let it go. But here’s a newsflash: EVERY FANBASE HAS THOSE FANS.

Doesn’t matter what team you are on, you make a dumbass mistake of fumbling in a playoff game that leads to your team losing, there will be trolls who bug you. Regardless of how you screw up, if you screw up in a big game like that, you’re going to be trolled. Especially if that team just happens to be playing for their 1st playoff win since 1991. Not saying it’s right to torment a player for a mistake, but no matter the team: there will always be fans who will keep bothering you.

Hill is acting like he’s the only victim to this type of online “abuse”. This happens to a lot of players/celebs/musicians. I mean, look at Marcus Williams – the Saints safety that missed the tackle that led to Diggs incredible game-winning touchdown in the divisional round last year (aka The Minneapolis Miracle). Despite that happening now over a year ago, there are still some Saints fans who rub it in his face.

Even in Cincinnati, any time Andy Dalton has a sub-par game, half the Bengals fans are giving him complete hell and act like he’s the worst thing to ever happen to Cincinnati. Even tagging him or replying to his posts calling him “terrible” or worse. Andy doesn’t message people back or reply with insults. Getting trolled is a part of the job, and it’s Hill’s responsibility to rise above it. He didn’t. He let these trolls get in his head. Don’t play the victim when you’re the one with the weak resolve.

And then to bitch about an entire city. An entire fan-base.

After the fumble, a large majority of fans were still supportive of Hill. The majority were rooting for him and sending him positive vibes. He’s just a kid, he made a mistake. Even the fans who weren’t thrilled by Hill were not throwing the fumble in his face. We all knew how awful he felt at the the time. Most fans were rooting for Hill to come back stronger next year. The 2016 year was a great opportunity for Hill to bounce back!… but other than a few flashes, he never did. He spent the year starting, but was being outplayed by Giovani Bernard before he got hurt, and couldn’t match the eliteness of Rex Burkhead.

When Joe Mixon was drafted, all hope for Jeremy Hill was lost in the Queen City. We knew it was his last year. Hill opted to end the season early by getting surgery that could have waited until after the season. That was when Bengals fans started getting annoyed. Hill seemed to quit on the team after that fumble. However, it was understandable – we were out of the playoffs, and he wanted to be healthy for free agency.

He Brought This On Himself

It was free agency when Jeremy Hill started to turn more Bengals fans against him. He was quietly bashing the Bengals, and taking zero responsibility for his actions or his lack of production. Hill fumbled away our first playoff since 1991, did nothing to make up for it, quit on the team and the fans, and then talked shit to deflect. C’mon Jeremy.

The reason Bengals fans can’t even defend him anymore is because of how he went out. He drew the hate to himself. So what did you think was going to happen when you started posting about being a Champion? When you got drunk and celebrated and started posting like you were the one that scored the game-winning touchdown? Did you think that the Bengals fans you pissed off were going to congratulate you? Especially after you were on IR all year and did nothing to help the team get there, much less to win the game? Dude, perspective.

Even when he made the post, most fans ignored it. You had the typical trolls, and had other comments that Hill should have expected on a post as such. But when Hill decided to call out all of Who Dey Nation, lost the rest of Cincinnati and looked like a fool doing it. That was one of the most heartbreaking losses in Cincinnati Sports history, and it was completely unnecessary to be that childish.

I honestly feel bad for him. Doesn’t he have better shit to do? Instead of actually celebrating the Super Bowl, he was trolling back Bengal fans on instagram. Dozens of messages and comments and responses, followed by videos of him drooling on his phone – laughing alone in his apartment with his dogs. Sweet, bro. Solid evening.

Dre Kirkpatrick is real one for this response though:

If Hill doesn’t fumble, we avoid all of this. Who knows what could have been.

Jeremy – Keep Cincinnati out ya damn mouth.

Written by Bengals_NFL

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